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Collages that I create, are inspired through interests, excitements and all the attention of the wonders that surround me in life.


At times I merely need to have two or three compositions for a work; at other times I lose myself in the endlessness of creativity. Even when you might recognise different worlds, these always work hand-in-hand: The intuitiveness of combining different topics in almost meditative peace and calm. Having the impression that every work has been planned and it was always meant to be the way, it turns out to be.


Whilst on the journey of absorbing creativity, roaming printed media, ingredients for my work are jumping at me - this is the moment I know that they will join my work. I bring together individual components, tiredlessly combining and creating new worlds that I can acknowledge, only possible due to the great and creative around me that are able to supply this material.


Famous individuals that are prepared like dolls by a team of make up artists, stylists and other individuals, only to be photographed in an immaculate light by photographers with immense expertise. Their photos then appear in magazines and other print media, having undergone trained hands of graphic designers, editors and printers to deliver a work highly creative in its own respect.


I often think of the people in the background, shielded from the flashes; those that cater, clean and drive are all part of a combination of specs that contribute with their on spark to achieve the desired outcome.

Everything turns into a family tree of complexity that is woven around each other.


Creative desire rises within me to play with individual thoughts, waves and atoms that surround me; like a scientist that experiments with temperaments, colours and compositions to deliver an exciting and refined work.With all greatness around me, I do however feel humility towards nature and life itself; creation, evolution, sustainability and diversity.


My collages wake and inspire, but also tickle the curiousness, attentiveness and thankfulness that I have towards life.


A wake up call to pull us away from apathy.



That's my goal.

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